Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dead Sea/ Eilat

Maors mom was insisting that I had to see Eilat before I left Israel. Isrealis consider it a mini Vegas and a must see. We booked a room at Crown Plaza which was rated a 5 star hotel for a couple of days and drove from the Kryot to Eilat. You can fly but driving only takes about 5 hours and goes straight through the Dead Sea so we chose to drive.

First off, even though we left very early in the morning we were unable to go into the Dead Sea because of the wind. It was marked on all beaches as too dangerous to go in. I was incredibly disappointed but on the up side, it does leave me with something to do next time we come to Israel. Next time Im going to want to spend a weekend just at the Dead Sea with how much there is to...see.

Driving was very interesting in itself. If we hadent been on a schedual to get to the hotel I would have been on a hiking/photographing frenzy. Besides the Dead Sea we passed many interesting sites I would have liked to explore.
Jericho- Sadly, we will probably never go there because its a part of the iffy shared territory.
Masada- The remains of King Herods palace and fort.
Lots Wife- the place where Lots wife was turned to stone.
Fountain of Youth- Im pretty sure this is only for tourist purposes. I would have insisted that we stop if I hadent of seen pictures of Maor and his friends at the exact same spot holding empty water bottles at this deserted peice of desert a few weeks ago.
101- This place we did stop at. Its a hippy town 101 km from Eilat. They have games for kids, food, and a very small zoo.

We got to Eilat early so we did a little shopping and walked around on the beach.

Checking into the hotel was a process. Because we woke up so early we were ready to check in and take a nap around noon but check in wasnt until 3. So we went to the hotel and crossed our fingers that our room would be ready early. It wasnt but they said they would call us when it was ready. We killed some time by getting our tickets for the aquarium early then sat hopeful in the lobby... till 3:30.
Long story short when we asked about our room they said that it might not be ready till we started a mutiny in the lobby with all the other pissed off waiting people and were quickly issued a room to get us to go away.

To be honest we didnt do much in Eilat. We spent a morning at Coral World, were you can see tons of tropical fish and sharks then spent the rest of our time tanning. I really enjoyed myself.

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