Friday, April 1, 2011

Party planning

This week we didnt do much. Mostly went to the beach and visited with Maors family.

Wed night Maors mom went to a wedding.
When she woke up Thurs morning she was in party planning mode. She decided that the small restaurant party we were going to have wasnt grand enough and went to check out a new location.

Later she walked in with a stack of invitations and a food list for Maor and I to pick from. is the place its being held at.
The food is going to be much more diverse than anything I have ever seen at an american wedding. There is a constant buffet with food ranging from fruit to sushi. Then there are starters, appetizers, dinners, deserts, AND a cake. For the food that goes directly to the table we had to chose 3 of each for people to pick from. They range from my apparently bland choice of fish and chicken, to Maors favorites of cow tongue, goat veins, some kind of brains.
There is also an open bar, DJ, and photographer.

Im going to need a dress...and shoes..

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