Monday, March 28, 2011

Tel Aviv

Yesterday we went to Tel Aviv and Im sorry to say that I didnt enjoy it all that much because the cold I've been trying to ignore for the past few days finally took me out. I was a sneezing miserable mess.

We went to the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora at the University. Its a museum that covers the history and culture of jewish people. Its nice but I wouldnt call it a must see like my guide book did. The helpful walkthrough speaker that people who speak English can get only told me everything I already learned in Jewish class so I can only see it being helpful for someone who doesnt know anything about being Jewish. The museum was mostly made up of dioramas and mini movies.

We tried to go to the market but I really wasnt feeling it so we drove home.

Maor went out with some friends and I sampled the local cold medicine. Good stuff.

Today we did some errands for Maors mom, got the car washed, cleaned our room, and bought his mom a GPS even though shes been screaming that she doesnt want one for two days. She likes to just roll down her window and ask random people on the street as she drives by. She said, "Why do I need this! My mouth is my GPS!"

While I was waiting for Maor to get the yearly car test done (the same kind of tests they do for cars in MA) I got a chance to do a little drawing.

An observation about pigeons...

I may invest in a sling shot while Im here. They are like loud gray flying alarm clocks that dont have snooze or off buttons.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. Love the drawing!