Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rosh Ha-Niqra

Today we met up with Maors aunt, uncle, and cousin on his moms side, his cousin Ronny, her 7 (?) yr old Dream, and three other younger cousins to go to Rosh Ha-Niqra.

Its located right on the boarder of Lebanon. The only thing separating the boarder was a big fence and two guys kinda keeping an eye on people. I dont think they were too worried about people trying to jump the fence.

We took a cable car down to the grottos. The cable car is the steepest one is the world. It does look like they are just going to drop you off the cliff when it starts. It didnt help that the kids reacted by screaming and jumping up and down which wiggled the car.

We took at lot of pictures of the view then went to watch a short movie about the grottos and how they were made over time by the waves hitting the cliff. The kids dragged me up to the front seat with them. Its a really short movie in Hebrew with English subtitles. They try to make it more interesting for the little kids by blowing massive fans at you during certain points and changing the lighting to go with the movie. When we got up to leave  Maor and the two teenagers were soaked because they were sitting in the middle rows that get dowsed with water every time the waves hit the rocks in the movie.

After the movie we went through the grottos. It was really beautiful.

Later Maors mom had a small party for the season finally of Big Brother. Maors aunts asked me if I was going to be bored and were surprised to find out that I've been watching the whole season with Maor. Everyones favorite won.

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