Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New observations

1) Here cookies are a must with coffee even if its 6AM. This needs to be adopted in the US.

2) Bourekas is awesome. I couldnt get anyone to actually describe it to me, all they said was, "Its awesome! You must try it!" Its a pastry you can fill with anything and it is my new favorite food.

3) Shuwowma is also awesome and should be adopted by the US immediately.

4) Taking a shower requires preparation.  You have to push a button outside the bathroom that turns on the water heater on top of the house and let it warm up before you can jump in. I did not know that yesterday which explains why the water was so cold.

5) When Maors mom told me soldiers have to take their guns everywhere with them she wasnt just using a figure of speech, they really do. Maors cousin came over to visit with his gun which isnt small.

6) Its obvious to tourists that Israel promotes recycling. There are huge cages where people can throw their used bottles. What isnt as obvious is that the purpose of cages instead of bins is to protect the recycling from gangs that like to take it and profit off it.

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