Monday, March 21, 2011

Jet lag

We are in Israel!

The flight to Israel from Newark was 10 hours long. We planned on sleeping through most of the flight but it didnt work out that way. Every seat had its own TV that you could watch movies and play video games on so at least we were entertained.
Our seats were right behind a famous Israeli singer. Maor has his music on his Ipod so he geeked out a little when he saw him writing lyrics during the flight.

When we got off the plane we went through customs and met our welcome party. Maors mom came running at us crying, his moms sister was there, and his best friend.
We took a train from the airport to Maors city, which is a little past Haifa. I cant remember the name of it because its long and everyone says it so fast I dont really understand how to pronounce it.
The train was interesting. We had so many bags that we had to leave them in the isles and move them as people got on and off the train. Maors mom pointed out to me all the soldiers getting on and off the train and I was really surprised that they carried around their guns the same way I carry my purse.

When we got off the plane we met up with Maors sister Reut, who cried, and drove to Maors grandpas apartment. Reut told me that he lives in a really bad neighborhood but wont consider moving to a better apartment because he has been there for so long. He was very excited to see us. I have no idea what he said but he took me around his apartment showing me his collections of stuff, TVs, clocks, pictures.

After we went to Maors moms apartment and had a huge lunch. So many people came to the house to say hi. Reut keeps warning me that this isnt even the beginning of all the people and family Im going to meet.

Besides getting use to everyone speaking Hebrew there are a couple of little things that got me really confused today.
Light switches for rooms are in the hallways. Maor just told me that it isnt the same everywhere, just here because thats how they had to do the wiring but it still confused me to walk into the bathroom and feel around for the switch forever.
The toilet has two buttons. Now I know its to conserve water but at first I was a little scared to press either one not knowing what was going to happen if I maybe picked the wrong one.

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